More and more businesses are moving over to Fibre for their broadband, why? Because if you are forced to wait for documents to download and pages to load it’s not cost effective for your business.

Fibre to the Cabinet broadband has replaced ADSL as the most common broadband service for businesses, with 80% of businesses now having the capability to use Fibre.

Typical fibre services offer up to 80Mbps, which is far superior than your typical up to 18Mbps ADSL service.

We recognise that some of you have a demanding environment with a big network of data heavy devices, backups and on-site hosted services such as e-mail and website – which is why we offer GEA (Generic Ethernet Access). This offer even faster speeds which are symmetric, un-contended and come with resilience options.

Enquire with your FutureTel account manager today on ways to become more efficient with fibre to the cabinet.