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Choosing your broadband service

Making the selection between ADSL and FTTC isn’t as complicated as some people think.
Following the switchoff of dial-up, ADSL allowed businesses to download those all important documents at a much quicker rate – but there’s a snag. ADSL was never designed to be a future-proof service as the service runs on an old copper infrastructure originally designed only for telephone calls.

Whilst ADSL’s speeds can be supportive for many small businesses, due to the limiting factor of it running over only copper cabling and circuits it has meant many businesses have not been able to embrace further technology that can enhance their business

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Futuretel’s Fibre broadband is key for businesses who need to make the most of their time. With quicker speeds it empowers you to get the job done quicker.

What services can I embrace on a broadband service better than ADSL?

BT have announced the switchoff of ISDN, which is the current standard for businesses who require multiple channels for multiple concurrent calls. As an alternative, telephone service providers are now pushing their customers over to SIP which allows cheaper calling due to requiring less BT equipment on site. This is where Fibre to the Cabinet steps in, as its speeds are capable of running SIP.

Also on top of allowing calls to be cheaper by using SIP, you can also expect more efficiency out of your company as members of staff won’t be sat around waiting for documents to load.

Can I get FTTC?

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But what are ADSL and FTTC?

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