Toll Fraud (also known as call phreaking or dial through fraud) is becoming increasingly common in the UK. It occurs when someone dials into your phone system to use your telephone lines to route calls, often to international destinations at your expense.

Cybercrime has become a multibillion pound illegal business that is now four times greater than a credit card fraud, generating masses of income for organised criminals. In addition to running up extremely expensive bulls, it can render the phone system unusable by the firm, effectively closing down your business for days on end.

Many people have heard of toll fraud but mistakenly believe that it does not happen in the UK. In fact the UK is one of the top 5 countries in the world where toll fraud occurs and 40% of companies have been hit at some point. It is believe that toll fraud costs UK businesses up to 1.5 billion per annum and this figure is set to rise more and more.

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