Phone Manager
Expanding your Productivity
Phone Manager brings together phones, mobiles, email, CRM applications and more to create a unified communication system for your business. You get big-picture visibility into how your business communicates. And your people get the tools they need to maximise performance.

Increased Productivity

Never transfer a call again to find out your colleagues are busy, on the phone or out of the office.

Visible status indications directly on your desktop, whether it is for your department, your whole company or your favourite contacts.

Call Identification

Not every call a user takes will be about the same topic and in some circumstances you may want to prioritise certain calls over others. Mitel Phone Manager gives you this ability by clearly showing users the source of each call they take with a coloured title bar and caption.

If required the caption can be expanded to include more information about the call to enable them to answer it in a specific way In addition, customer contacts that have been loaded onto the system can be clearly defined as VIPs so that users know when important customers are calling.

In a Meeting, Gone to Lunch?

Control of your extensions Status at your fingertips allowing your fellow colleagues to know when you are out of the office, at lunch on in a meeting.

In an Emergency

With the ability for phones to be in different buildings on the same estate sometimes at great distances, it can be hard to determine if something has happened. Perhaps there has been an accident and one of your employees had the need to call the emergency services. Phone Manager has the ability to alert Team Leaders, Managers or perhaps an on-site trained in First Aid as the call is made on their computer screen.

Phone Manager Desktop

Click the video for a quick presentation on the features and benefits of using the Mitel Phone Manager on your desktop computer.

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