Phone Manager App
Making your mobile an extension of your Mitel telephone system

Phone Manager Mobile is empowering more and more Mitel telephone systems users to have mobility. It’s not just an app, it’s virtually your office in your pocket.

Present the office number from your mobile
Away from the office/don’t want to give out your mobile number? No problem!
Alleviate call costs from the office to staff mobiles!
Providers averagely charge 5 pence a minute for calls to Mobiles.
Alleviate this charge! Calls are treated as an internal when ringing phone manager mobile.
Call the office for free from your mobile - even when abroad!
Phone manager mobile uses your mobile phone data package, what’s more if you are abroad you can reach the office for free using Wi-Fi.
Access your call history and directory on your mobile
Access any existing contact directories and call history. Forgotten to ring your supplier to confirm that order but you’ve already left the office? No problems getting the number. Forget to return a missed call? Grab the details on the go!
Set your profile
Let the office know your presence wherever you are. In a meeting? No problem! With a press of a button you can change your presence anddivert calls to the office.

Did you know?

You can set your deskphone to ring your phone Manager Mobile client at the same time, so to make sure you never miss a call.
You can also have your mobile calls recorded on the app if you are opted in to the service at point of sale.

For the next generation of phone systems
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