Leased Line
Give your businesses broadband more resilience

Get your own private uncontended leased line and never have to compete for bandwidth.

With speeds options of speed from 10Mbps to 100Mbps which are symmetric and uncontended (private line) you can be assured you'll get the service you need

How much would it cost your business if your internet went down?

It’s common knowledge that broadband is the backbone to your business. With no internet you are likely to not be able to process sales, receive purchase orders and ultimately run your business.
During BT national broadband service outages, the average customer is offline for 2 working days. How would your business cope with potentially big losses in revenue?
BT Customers have put in claims for tens of thousands of pounds in damage for loss of revenue.

BT service outtage nationwide in July 2016

As captured by the telegraph

Prevent loss of revenue with a leased line

At a fraction of the price!

We discuss your requirements

With speeds ranging from 10Mbps to an incredible 1Gbps we can cater for any business needs. We fact find about your business requirements to ascertain what speed is best for you to make sure the supportive backbone to your business is stronger than ever.

Guaranteed symmetric download and upload speeds

Symmetric means your download and upload speeds are the same. Essential for uploading to the cloud, web hosting, streaming, sharing large data files and using VoIP.

Ultra-low latency

Critical for applications such as financial trading and VoIP, where every millisecond counts.

Your own private line

A lease line offers a 1:1 fully uncontended service contention – your office gets a private line so you never share the bandwidth with anybody else.

Fully managed service

FutureTel can fully manage the service for you.

BSI 7799/ISO 17799 security certification

Comes with the industry’s highest information security standards certification.

Available with additional resillience: Failover and backup

Protect your business against problems beyond our reasonable control.

A private line with guaranteed speed, don't let your business suffer!

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