FutureTel Fraud Monitor (Exceptional Call Reporting Service)
Convenient fault reporting and 24/7 monitoring

Toll Fraud is on the rise – Don’t become part of the statistics!

According to online statistics published by the International Forum of Irregular Network Access, phone companies estimate that organised telecommunications fraud is costing business owners £41.8 billion per year.

Most fraud happens at the weekend, often just after companies shut down. Say, for instance you close for business at 5pm, a hacker could break into your voicemail at 5:01pm and generate 20 ten minute calls to £5 per minute premium rate numbers. You would not know about this until you next open for business. By this time 200 minutes have racked up.

The cost of this is type of hack is frightening. In this scenario if only a single port is hacked you would be liable for £1000. If 20 ports got hacked your liability would be £20,000.

Benefits of Futuretel Fraud Monitor

Futuretel’s Exceptional Call Reporting Service actively monitors your telephone lines call patterns 24:7, generating a profile that enables it to detect suspicious activity.

If suspicious activity is detected, we are alerted, allowing us to investigate immediately.  Our Fraud Monitor team are on standby 365 days of the year.

The monitoring system will immediately suspend effected lines until the activity is investigated and our team will place a call divert* As soon as we can confirm everything is secure, your lines are immediately reactivated.

In the event your business is hacked while supported by the Fraud Monitor service you will not be liable for the fraudulent call charges**.  Providing you peace of mind, knowing your account is being monitored and you will not end up with any nasty surprises.

You always have a choice

Most of our customers wouldn’t be without Futuretel Fraud Monitor. It offers peace of mind and certainty should things go wrong. After all, it’s only £1.99 per line, per month. But if you don’t want the extra cover, you still have the benefit of our helpful support team from 8:30am to 5pm Monday to Thursday and 8:30am to 4:30pm Friday.

Got any questions? Why not give us a call. 0333 004 0041

* Subject to the customer having a suitable number to divert to.

** Terms and conditions apply

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