MiVoice Conference Phone
Maximize efficiency and productivity during conference calls

Key Features

  • Exceptional audio conference experience
  • One button access to collaboration services
  • Drive meetings and presentations using any device
This easy-to-use conference phone boasts 16 built-in microphones and superior audio quality plus the ability to seamlessly share ideas and files with in-room presentation display capabilities.

The Mitel MiVoice Conference Phone makes conference calls clear, easy and efficient. Combining high-definition audio capabilities with 16 microphones that automatically focus towards the person talking, the Conference Phone helps to minimise side conversation pickup and increases speaker clarity.

The conference phone also has a large touch screen display with embedded collaboration services and Web browser, so participants can access, view & collaborate, and drive in-room presentations – without the need for a dedicated PC in the room.

Not only is the MiVoice Conference phone easy to use, setup is as simple as any other IP/SIP phone.

Exceptional Audio Conferencing

The MiVoice Conference Phone was designed from the ground up to provide users with an exceptional audio conference phone experience.

Mitel’s patented Beamforming Technology is used to transition microphones from one active talker to the next, while virtually eliminating ambient room noise and side conversations that could impact intelligibility of the conversation on the far end.

The MiVoice Conference Phone utilizes high-definition, wideband audio and sophisticated call processing codecs to pick up and reproduce in-room audio, delivering outstanding, crisp, clear audio to all participants on the conference.

When these are combined with seamless 360-degree sound pickup from an array of 16 microphones positioned around the Phone, the MiVoice Conference Phone delivers superior audio performance that makes conference calls as productive as being in the same room.


  • Wideband Audio (22kHz) provides a larger audio dynamic range that matches human speech and hearing to provide a cleaner, crisper sound experience.
  • Beamforming Technology provides smooth, seamless transition between microphones and focuses microphones on the active speaker without needing to boost microphone gain, virtually eliminating background noise / side conversations from impacting the far end audio experience.
  • Array of 16 microphones embedded around the phone provides 360 sound pickup from up to 12 feet away minimising the need for external microphones for most meeting room deployments.
  • Speaker designed for enhanced playback clarity and resistance to mobile phone and wireless device interference.
  • Tight integration with Mitel communications and collaboration solutions, helps maximise your ROI with your Mitel UCC investment.
  • Embedded applications, such as WebEx and Join.me clients provides quick & easy access to cloud-based collaboration services – including the ability to support tablet driven presentations in the meeting room.
  • Embedded web browser provides users with access to other cloud-based services, such as Gmail and Exchange Web, for personal contact dialing and chat functions directly via the MiVoice Conference Phone.
  • Simply deployment to access embedded collaboration capabilities – connect the phone via a HDMI cable to a hi-definition display / projector.
  • Loaded with high-end solution sound & functionality with the price point of traditional mid-range audio conference phone.

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