The way we conduct and where we hold our meetings has evolved along with technological advances. Mobility is a watchword today. We want to be able to attend meetings in places other than just the large conference room

Conference call take away
You’ve had a busy day in the office, are about to run late for your pilates class but really need to brief your colleagues on tomorrow’s case presentation. No worries, do it from the social corner at the gym, your favorite café or from home. With the Konftel Ego you can have hands-free conference calls from anywhere you like.
Keeping it simple
The board room is occupied and the company’s tele conferencing service to messy to be considered an option. With Konftel Ego you’re not limited to a specific room or service. Just find your place, plug in the speaker phone, launch the meeting tool of your choice and get started. Konftel Ego provides you with perfect group audio for all kinds of online meetings.
No noise, no stress
Exhausted from trying to hear the persons on the other side through the mobile phone in speaker mode. Not being able to get an answer through because of the noisy background and not feeling sure what the conclusion of the meeting was. Those problems are history my friend. Konftel’s OmniSound® technology delivers crystal clear HD-sound to your mobile meeting and is included in the deal when choosing a Konftel Ego.