One Touch Call Record
Your answer to keeping to clutter free desk

Free up your staff members time for selling with Digital Post-it notes

The phone rings and a caller is after a specific member of staff. So what happens? A note is left on the colleagues desk – which overtime can clutter up their working environment. The solution? One touch record, which we brand as digital post-it notes

Steve is a busy Managing Director for a wholesaler, the last thing he wants alongside more clutter on his desk is to find out that opportunities for the business were missed when someone puts a note on his desk when they couldn’t reach him earlier in the week. A member of staff records the end of the conversation where the caller leaves their details and forwards it via e-mail to Steve. Steve is always out and about visiting prospect clients, he retrieves the e-mail with the voice recording and plays it back in the car thanks to his Bluetooth connection. He then calls the customer back and secures the business.

Jane is an accountant at an financial advisory called Future Financial. Their company is always on the look out to embrace new technology and get one up on their main competitor. Thanks to one touch record, Jane now has a bespoke way of confirming placed orders with clients. She records the conversation and e-mails this to her client as a form of confirmation, but also to safeguard the company against any potential he/she said scenarios. As an added bonus, the company has saved £2,000 in costs compared to last year, due to not having to offer any compensation for miscommunication.


Keep it professional

You’ve just finished a phone call, but looking back at your notes you’re unsure on the specifications they’ve asked for on their order, instead of ringing them back and seeming like novice you can simply listen to your recording and save the embarrassment.

Backed up in many ways

All one touch call recordings are sent through as an e-mail after the recording – rest assured that you’ll always have a copy regardless of it you delete it from your handset.

One touch call recording is a great way of embracing future technology

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