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So you need a telephone system, but where do you start?

First you’ll want to consider whether you can get Fibre broadband. Why? Because Fibre will allow you to run your calls over the internet which is great for keeping costs down. Need help checking if you can get Fibre? Use our Fibre broadband checker.

Next you’ll want to consider how many members of staff will need a telephone, this will also tell you how many channels you initially need for your calls (the rough rule is 50%).

Then you’ll need to decide if you need any additional system features such as wireless headsets and if you need a catchy number for your prospect customers to remember.

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What other services should I consider?

A telephone system isn’t your only service to provide the backbone to your business, we offer merchant services giving you capability to take payments from your customers in person, on the phone and online. We also offer mobile services allowing you to work on the move whether it’s taking a call from your customer or receiving that all important job spec on your tablet. With our wholesale rates we help keep your bills low.

Planning for the future

Planning your telephony in advance for a new business can be difficult. Will you meet or succeed your forecasts for growth? Will therefore you need more available channels and handsets?

Our telephone systems are designed to grow with you in mind, Mitel Office 250 is a scaleable system that makes it an ideal platform for any new business. What’s more with our SIP service, which is replacing conventional ISDN, we can increase and decrease your number of channels with a moments notice giving you maximum flexibility

How a Mitel system can help you financially

Having a Mitel phone system doesn’t just give you capability to make phone calls. Imagine the benefits of not missing any calls by intelligently pushing calls to your mobile when you’re out of the office, and having an e-mail with the voicemail left from any call you couldn’t take. These are just some of the features Mitel can offer to help you.

Unsure of the future?

Lastly to compliment any potential uncertainty, we can offer bespoke short agreements offering peace of mind for those of you who need to carefully allocate your initial capital and margin.


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We’re here to help new businesses

We recognise new start businesses don’t always have the available upfront cash or required credit rating needed to gain finance on a telephone system, which lets face it, is the foundation to running any business. Which is why we are proud to offer our unique guaranteed finance scheme!

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