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After the latest mobile phone? Need something with a better camera or more storage? We can source any mobile phone for you in a range of colours and capacity’s.

What should I consider when changing phone?

Something commonly overlooked is your handsets storage size.

Did know that a mobile phones operating system can take up to 20% of your internal storage? Most high end handsets come with at least 16GB of storage. You will want to consider the remaining storage once you include the operating system and how much room this leaves you for your media and applications.

Have you looked in to applications?

Did you know that some applications that are on android are not on iOS and vice versa? Consider this when choosing a handset, as iOS is unique to Apple handsets.

Added features on mobiles can make your life easier.

Did you know some phones come with a stylus, which you can use to take notes on your phone replacing pen and paper? Some phones also have huge Mega-pixel cameras which could replace your current digital camera.

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Not looking to purchase mobile hardware outright? We provide mobile hardware on competitive packages usually with a saving which includes tariffs bundled with minutes, texts and data. We save our average customer 17% on their mobile services!

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We also offer the latest touch screen tablets with data simcards enabling you to work wherever there is mobile phone signal. Enquire today for details.

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