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What is ISDN?

Integrated Services Digital Network is the standard voice service for businesses, offering higher quality voice calls and additional features in comparison to it’s predecessor, Analogue lines. ISDN enables businesses to take multiple concurrent calls by having multiple channels for voice calls. Designed as a superior service to analogue, it quickly became the UK standard.

ISDN comes in two ways, either as standalone pairs as a set of ISDN2 (allowing two concurrent calls) or as ISDN 30. Futuretel will recommend one or the other depending on the amount of channels you require and will give you the most cost effective solution.

Why should I choose Futuretel for ISDN?

Our large bulk buying power with BT enables us to provide ISDN with much cheaper call rates. We can advise you of how many lines your business will need if you are a new business or review your current set up if you are already trading to show you ways to be smart with your set up.

The BT switchoff of ISDN

ISDN has given businesses many capabilities analogue services could not. However it is becoming an outdated service. BT have announced they will no longer offer ISDN to businesses by 2025, this was also brought on by the success of SIP. SIP has enabled businesses to expand more cost effectively as they are not being tied in to requiring physical boxes being installed(compared to ISDN). Read more about SIP.

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