Save space and the cost of maintaining your fax machine

Fax machines are almost an obsolete service in day to day business trading but we understand the requirement of needing to meet your customers and suppliers requirements.
This is why we offer fax to e-mail services, as not only does it cost to maintain a fax machine, in many circumstances people are paying for an additional analogue line monthly just for this.

Did you know?

2014 Marked the 50th year of the fax machine

90% Of employees prefer to have their workload in their e-mail inbox

Compared to faxes on their desk

Send and receive faxes at the convenience of not leaving your desk

Save money

Save the cost of an analogue line and maintaining your fax machine.

Send faxes from anywhere

Log in via a webpage to send faxes, and retrieve incoming faxes on your e-mails. Simple!

Support other businesses

Please your customers and suppliers who have the requirement of needing faxes.

Order Fax To E-mail now for only £5.00 monthly

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