Choosing your broadband service

Making the selection between ADSL and FTTC isn’t as complicated as some people think.
Following the switchoff of dial-up, ADSL allowed businesses to download those all important documents at a much quicker rate – but there’s a snag. ADSL was never designed to be a future-proof service as the service runs on an old copper infrastructure originally designed only for telephone calls.

Whilst ADSL’s speeds can be supportive for many small businesses, due to the limiting factor of it running over only copper cabling and circuits it has meant many businesses have not been able to embrace further technology that can enhance their business

Fed up of seeing this?

Futuretel’s Fibre broadband is key for businesses who need to make the most of their time. With quicker speeds it empowers you to get the job done quicker.

If you can get FTTC it’s pretty much a no brainer

Businesses typically increase their speeds by 3 times by going to FTTC, meaning less time waiting and more time being productive! For some businesses with more demanding set ups whereby it is business critical to have a private non contended service, it is recommend you invest in a leased line.

Can I get FTTC?

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