Futuretel Fraud Monitor (Exceptional Call Reporting Service)
For SIP Trunks and Fixed Line Services

Due to the continuing rise of incidences relating to Telephone Fraud throughout the UK, Futuretel are now applying Exceptional Call Reporting Service to all our customers’ telephone lines.

Whilst Futuretel are confident that our telephone systems are as secure as they can be, the technology used in telephone hacking is becoming more sophisticated enabling organised crime to hack into the system and fraudulently use telephone lines for calls. Online research shows that most victims of fraudulent calls are not aware of this until they receive their monthly telephone invoice.

As a Futuretel customer you will automatically be protected for telephone fraud losses up to £5000 within a six month period. Exceptional call reporting service is a cost of only £1.99 + VAT per line, per month.

If you would like more information on Toll Fraud or would prefer not to be covered by this service, please contact us on 0333 004 0041 or info@future-tel.co.uk

Exceptional call reporting service £1.99 + VAT per line, per month