At Futuretel over the years we’ve helped countless businesses of all shapes and sizes change to a new Mitel Telephone System.
So we thought we’d make this handy guide to help others make the most of the swap.

Are you planning to move the businesses location soon?

Many businesses forget to factor in they are planning to move premises within a short amount of months of years. This means they incur potentially unexpected costs when the telephone system needs to be moved alongside potential cabling. Ask your new telephone provider if, like Futuretel, they can include a potentially free site move within the arrangement.

Are you expecting or considering expansion in the future

Your telephone provider may be able to offer a discount for taking more handsets in one ago, plus on many occasions handsets may require cabling that isn’t present. Therefore it’s best to consider getting cabling and handsets with the new telephone system, rather than wait until down the line.

Is your telephone hardware manufactured by a market strong provider?

If your car breaks down, the last thing you want to hear is that the required part isn’t available.
Similarly in the world of telephony, telephone manufacturers can cease trading which means that a telecoms provider will not be able to support your telephone system. As of the last couple of years, both Toshiba and Avaya are no longer supporting their telephone systems meaning thousands of businesses have been left with little or no support.

Mitel has been named a Leader four years in a row in the Gartner Magic Quadrant Report for Unified Communications and has an incredibly strong position in North America in Western Europe very often being ranked as number one.

Does your new telecoms provider know their stuff?

Nobody wants to be stuck with a telephone system that your provider has difficulty supporting, similarly it’s one thing having a broken car but it’s another having a mechanic who can’t fix it!
We recommend you ask your provider a few questions about them, especially how they respond to faults and it’s usually a good idea to ask to speak to an existing customer of theirs.

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