Call Recording
It’s more than just having calls recorded

We’ve all had a moment we’ve wished a call was recorded

Perhaps it was due to a he said she said scenario whereby this would resolve the dispute. Or perhaps to save a call back to a customer to re-confirm the details. Or even to use as a verbal confirmation for an order, to save time writing the specifics.

Call recording isn’t just the obvious however, we’ve seen businesses make themselves just because of call recording.

Enhance your operations

How much is your best member of staff worth to you? Imagine the impact on your business if you trained your staff to their standards and revealed their tricks of the trade. Let’s say you increase their productivity by 50% imagine the benefits your company would reap with the functionality of call recording.

Charlie is a car dealership manager, he accesses voice recordings on his mobile phone and listens in the car on the way to work – he loves being productive and making the most of time. He listens to not only monitor what they are saying but to take examples of great calls and pass to the team to train them. This way he can also monitor the companies performance and suspected sales. Charlie has increased overall sales by 20% and has more clarity on sales than ever before.

Janet is a telemarketing manager at a health and safety training company. Their team is targeted on booked appointments daily. They’ve recently brought in three new telemarketers to their team, Janet needs to bring them up to scratch as soon as possible. She utilises recorded calls from their best bookings and brings the new starters up to scratch quicker than ever before. They now have less of an opportunity cost with new staff.

Spend working time out of the office?

Phone Manager Mobile allows your mobile phone to be an extension of your phone system. Whats more, all incoming and outgoing calls are recorded.

Be compliant

Regulations involving certain industries mean that calls have to be recorded in order for the business to be legally compliant.
Our call recorders allow you to use stop / start technology to ensure specific parts of a call are not recorded, this is fantastic for those of you who have to comply with PCI DSS.
Did you know, acquirers (who are the financial institution that work alongside the bank) charge up to £50.00 a month if you are not compliant with PCI DSS!

Call recording covers it’s own costs. Increase revenues with better trained staff.

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