Analogue lines
Supporting your calls and services

Why should I choose Futuretel for my analogue lines?

Our large bulk buying power with BT enables us to provide analogue lines with much cheaper call rates. We can advise you of how many lines your business will need if you are a new business or review your current set up if you are already trading to show you ways to be smart with your set up.

How Futuretel go the extra mile

Futuretel can also advise you on the lead times for installation and expedite this where necessary to bring you the service as soon as possible. We also offer multiple care levels offering our customers quicker fault fixing.

What other options are available to me?

Analogue lines are usually essential for services such as broadband and card machines. However on their own they limit you typically to only one channel for your calls. Meaning only one person can be on the phone at once. This is where SIP and ISDN come in to play. Need more than one channel for your calls? Read about SIP and ISDN.

Still unsure which service your business requires?

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