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Where can I start?

ADSL is the standard service for businesses, offering typical speeds of up to 18Mbps (Megabit per second).
All you need is a compatible analogue line to run this service on.

With the introduction of FTTC, businesses can tap into an infrastructure which is far more future-proof than your standard copper cable ADSL.

What is FTTC?

Fibre To The Cabinet enables businesses of all sizes and shapes access to a fibre infrastructure.
FTTC offers much more superior speeds, typically up to 80Mbps.

More than one site?

Our MPLS service makes linking your sites up even easier.

Give your broadband a kick up the ADSL!

Futuretel’s fibre broadband enables you to save time, no more waiting for downloads!

Can I get FTTC?

Use the handy checker to see if you can get FTTC

Here’s what comes with Futuretel’s broadband

All of our broadband services come with a fully pre-programmed router, and static IP. If you need to retain your old broadband equipment for IT purposes we can assist re-programming. (Please note however that FTTC requires a compatible router).

Next generation business broadband

  • Reliably fast broadband for business users
  • The latest ADSL technologies
  • Supporting our SIP trunks
  • Choice of fast download and upload speeds to suit your needs
  • A complete data package, including IP addressing and routers
  • Proactive monitoring of your connection
  • New Superfast Fibre Broadband now available up to 80Mbps download and 20Mbps upload and a consistently higher performance

Boost your business productivity with lightning fast broadband!

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